Focused on preventing and treating metabolic pathologies, my work in the office is based on science (my studies in biology and nutrition), which I improve on with other "alternative" means of consultation in order to get an overall picture of the person in front of me and find the CAUSE of their problems.

For me, treating the dysfunctions of the body is also treating the spirit, or at least taking into account its presence and influence on our physical body.

I am not a fan of diets, I believe in the virtues of nature and in the power of our body to regenerate and heal itself when it receives the right "fuel". In recent years the quality of our "fuel" has greatly decreased.

My nutritional concept

I am here to present my nutritional concept, which is actually conceived logically, based on complementary nutrients, and on their quality (clean products, without additives, made from fresh ingredients, without chemical treatments, rich in vitamins and trace elements, etc.).

I favor consuming fresh products, from producers or organic farming, as well as seasonal products.

Concerning the basic nutrients in our diet, their presence ensures the proper functioning of our body.

We choose quality animal and vegetable proteins to maintain the balance between essential amino acids and other types of nutrients.

LCarbohydrates are one of our main sources of energy, but not the only ones, so we will favor those with a low glycemic index, and we will pay attention to the lipids we ingest, especially more unsaturated fatty acids (mono-polyunsaturated) than saturated ones.

Vitamins and trace elements are essential to our balance.

Deconditioning the body from bad eating habits and eliminating accumulated toxins, such as avoiding cereals and especially their flours, reducing dairy products or eliminating them depending on the problem, are part of my philosophy of life, and my way of working.

Nutrition – cooking

the pairing of our century

"The science and art of cooking, once rivals to that of perfumes and plunged into the same stagnation, have progressed too much in our country for it to be possible to deny the extent of their flight" Augustin de Croze, The Psychology of the Table, 1928.

The French, more than any other people, have always known how to distinguish between sustenance and pleasure in eating. Since the dawn of time and the appearance of man on earth, life has evolved a lot and our eating habits with it.

It has not escaped you that the life we live today, its frantic rhythm, its stress, is no longer in balance with the nutritional needs of our body.

My wish is to make you aware of the concept of harmony between the pleasure of eating healthy, of aging in good health, and that of treating our taste buds.

Consequently, this link that I wish to create between us, will allow me to guide you, with responsibility and professionalism, towards a bio-regenerative diet for those who wish it, but also by my advice, to answer the expectations and interrogations of people in search of stable reference.

Finally, I will give you my feelings and help you to sort out the "abundance" of information coming from the media that is not always easy to analyze.

Knowing the physiological phenomena of our body, the composition of our food, then the basic nutrients, and how to combine food in our plate and cook them in a correct way, will allow us to understand the fact, that giving our body good quality food, rich in nutrients and avid of toxic substances is the main key to our well-being.

Nutrition and healthy cooking are and will remain an inseparable duo, and moreover my project is to put into practice the good nutritional theory in My and Your kitchen, not forgetting that it must remain one of our gastronomic means producing endorphins!