Concept of Bio-resonance

Bio-resonance is a concept used in non-conventional medicine, particularly in quantum medicine. As with all energetic medicines, its adherents assert that quantum physics can explain a form of intercellular communication - the wave-particle duality would justify the " bio-resonance " techniques.

Bio-resonance is a method of body energy analysis based on the waves produced by living beings. Every organism emits and captures radiation that can be measured as radio waves. These waves can then be analysed with the help of devices that check the vibratory and energetic quality of the organs and correct imbalances, either for preventive purposes or to help heal certain pathologies.

As it is known that it is possible to act on a wave, with another wave, bio-resonance devices can "re-inform" the cells and thus rebalance them by sending waves at the desired frequencies.

Bio-resonance and Prevention

Bio-resonance therapy, used as a preventive approach, allows for a global energetic assessment of the body with the aim of detecting "electromagnetic/energetic anomalies" within the organs and rectifying them by sending very low intensity signals.

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It allows :

  • Evaluation of the body's energetic terrain, and the detection of imbalances in this terrain at organs, tissues, cells and micro-cells levels.
  • Correction of the detected imbalances, thus a rebalancing of energy, in order to facilitate a synergic functioning of all the organs of the body.
  • Re-establishing the structural and functional balance of the organs and the proposed hygiene advice will allow the prevention of future illnesses and, above all, the improvement of the person's quality of life.

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Flow of a session

The first bio-resonance session allows a complete assessment of the patient's condition. The latter is connected by headphones to a box, itself connected to a computer. The electrical activity of the body is then deciphered by the bio-resonance device, which sends out pulsed electromagnetic waves that are painless and inaudible.

These waves measure the frequencies of the analysed cells. The results are displayed on a screen as they come in.

The therapist analyses the results and verifies the energetic balance of the consultant on more than 350 anatomical charts which include all the systems: digestive, urogenital, respiratory, cardiac, immune and endocrine, nervous, sensory and locomotor.

This assessment lasts about 1h30. If an anomaly is detected, it is corrected by the energeticist by means of an adapted frequency wave.
Three weeks after the first bio-resonance check-up, it is advisable to have a control session lasting 1 hour, followed by a new session 3 weeks later.

Thereafter, everyone is free to come at their own pace for a control session.

Check-ups and their frequency

  • Professionals generally propose a monthly check-up and a new assessment once a year.
  • Bio-resonance is not recommended for pregnant women, children under 14 years of age, epileptics and people with pacemakers.
  • Therapists often recommend that patients do not eat for two hours before a bio-resonance session.

The Aumscan device is not a medical device and does not provide medical diagnosis.

It has been designed to evaluate the energetic terrain of an organism, and to detect energy balance disorders, which could alter a person's state of health in the long term if hygienic and dietetic rules are not put in place.

In case of symptoms and health problems, contact your doctor!